Every aspect of the Motochimp was designed for the free, spontaneous and bold. Engineered for joyrides, from the bodywork down to the steering, all the Motochimp needs is you.


A contactless digital ignition lock utilizing RFID kickstarts your Motochimp. Simply hover the m-lock over the transponder. You’ll receive a master key which ‘teaches’ up to five keys, each key-transponder pair has a unique digital ID code ensuring your Motochimp responds only to its master—You.


The Motochimp sports a compact design: 1076mm (L) by 614mm (W) by 1063mm (H). Its wheelbase of 750.6mm makes for easy steering, allowing you to effortlessly weave your way through crowds and busy walkways.


A Uumotor Gearless 48V 350W powers the Motochimp for efficient and energy-saving joyrides.


A lithium-ion battery powers the Motochimp. With a charge time of 1 hour [Standard], its fast-charging cycle easily fits busy schedules, which means your Motochimp is ever-ready for fast and frequent travel.


The Motochimp is as durable as it is cute. Its main structure is solidly fashioned out of stainless steel alloy and aluminum alloy for a smooth texture and clean finish that feels as good as it looks.


Charging is a lighthearted affair, no bulky or cumbersome charging units required. Simply charge your Motochimp with a standard three-pin plug that fits snuggly under your seat.


A mini speedometer tracks your joyrides, with its easy-to-read display interface keeping you up-to-speed at a glance.

Your Personality on Wheels

Based on universal specifications,
the Motochimp affords you broad customization possibilities.
Mix and match for that personal look.


The Motochimp covers a range of 60km. Its energy efficient performance blends in with urban schedules and landscapes, making it ideal for zips around town at your whim and fancy.