27 July 2017

Vanda Electrics welcomes the UK Government’s decision for the banning of petrol and diesel car sales in the UK by 2040.


18 May 2017

Motochimp | Fully Charged

Let Jonny Smith take you a ride on the Motochimp at the Fully Charged Show!

8 November 2016

This is for the crazy ones

Vanda Electrics officially launched the Motochimp at the Shenzhen Industrial Design Fair, held from 6 to 8 November 2016. Throughout the three days of the exhibition, the Motochimp wowed exhibition goers and invited them to embrace the different.

The Motochimp is a two-wheeled zero emission joyride that puts fun, style and affordability on nequal standing and promises to give city dwellers a completely new perspective on transportation. Fueled by childlike curiosity and a fast-charging battery, it is designed for dreamscapes as much as it is for streetscapes.

Because the world just looks different when you are on a Motochimp.

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