Fully Charged Edition Motochimp
Fully Charged Edition Motochimp
Fully Charged Edition Motochimp
Fully Charged Edition Motochimp

Fully Charged Edition Motochimp

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Speed1: 45 kph (approx. 28 mph)
Range1: 35-40 km (approx. 22-25 miles)
Slope gradient: 20 degrees

Motor: Gearless BLDC 48V 750W Hub Motor 3 speed modes
Driven wheels: Rear
Throttle: Half-twist throttle grip (right side)

Battery: 48V 15.6AH (748.8 watt/hour)
Battery Charge time: 3 hours
Charger: 5A, 110/220V 


  • Rust-free Aluminium 6061 alloy frame
  • Uni-key system (Bike activation, battery lock, steering lock)
  • Steering lock
  • USB charging for mobile devices
  • Adjustable footrest angle


    • Brakes: 140mm mechanical disc brakes (2-pot)
    • Rear suspension: Mono Coilover Shock Absorber
    • Fat tires: Tubeless tires, 4.10/3.5-6 or 13x4.00-6 or 13x5.00-6
    • Display throttle module (DTM) with speed mode selection, speedometer, odometer, trip meter, and voltage level.
    • Lights: Driving beam headlamp, passing beam headlamp, front position lamp, side retro-reflector, rear retro reflector, stop lamp, rear position lamp, rear registration plate lamp
    • Audible warning device: electric horn
    • Pre-installed mudguards
    • Heavy-duty kickstand


    Fully Charged Edition Special

    The Fully Charged Edition Motochimp Moped comes available in two colour options - FC Blue and FC Yellow, each comes mounted with a special edition plaque.

    You can also catch the Fully Charged Edition Motochimp at Fully Charged Live 2019, from 7th – 9th June at Silverstone.


    Weight: approx. 42kg
    Dimensions: 1102mmL x 655mmW x 1153mmH
    Wheelbase: 750.60mm
    Ground Clearance: 98mm
    Seat Height: 661mm
    Handlebars tubing: 22.2mm


    Lock and Go

    • One key to rule them all (uni-key system for starting the bike, locking the battery and locking the bike)
    • Steering lock
    • Stable kickstand for fuss-free parking anywhere

    Titan8 Battery

    • Energy dense Titan8 Li-ion battery
    • Removable battery pack
    • Can be charge with the battery on-board the bike or separately without the bike.
    • Built with automatic cut-off when battery is fully charged
    • Protection from over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature
    • Battery cells are tested to withstand 500 full charge-discharge cycles


    Delivery & Collection

    • Delivery period: Aug-Oct 2019
    • Shipping options will be prompt upon checkout after delivery address has been input.
    • For delivery within UK, shipping option includes self-collection at Fully Charged office in Bristol, or you can opt for delivery to your address with an add-on of £99.
    • For delivery to other countries, shipping charges will be prompted during checkout for delivery to door.
    • Drop us an email at info@motochimp.com for any other inquiries.


    1Under the test condition with fine and windless weather, total load capacity under 100kg, the tire pressure set to factory setting and the battery fully charged, riding on a normal asphalt road, continuous riding with speed under ECO mode on a zero degree road. Actual specifications may vary from model shown. Options and features of Motochimp® range are model dependent and available at the purchaser’s option. Motochimp® reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without prior notice.


    • All Motochimp electric mopeds come with one year of manufacturer warranty from the date of delivery against component failures, excluding items exposed to wear and tear, such as brakes, tyres, handle grips and seat. As the Motochimp moped has a very unique construction, first-time users may not be familiar with the usage of the bike. Do not hesitate to contact us at technical@motochimp.com or your nearest dealer if you have any operation or maintenance questions.

    Can I ride the DV-X in Singapore?

    • Yes you can. The DV-X is EN15194 Certified and LTA-compliant as a Pedal-assisted bicycle (PAB).

    Will the bike move without peddling or have a throttle?

    • As part of the requirements for a PAB, the motor power of the bike can only cut in when the rider starts to pedal. The motor power will be progressively reduced and finally cut off as the bicycle reaches 25km/h, or sooner, if you stop pedalling.

    How is the battery charged and when does it need to be replaced?

    • The battery is charged on-board the bike using the AC Adapter provided. Each battery pack has been tested to withstand 500 full charge-discharge cycles.

    How fast can I go?

    • If you are riding on a cycling/shared path, you have to adhere to a maximum speed of 25km/h. If you are riding on the roads the motor power will cut off as the bicycle reaches 25km/h, but if there is no speed limit on how fast you can go as it depends on how much you pedal.

    What is the range of the bike?

    • It really depends on various factors including the terrain/condition of the cycling path, total weight on the bike, wind conditions, etc. Based on  tested rides, we estimate that each battery pack (252Wh/7Ah) gives you a range of 25-30km on pedal-assist mode 1. 
    • However, since the DV-X is a pedelec, you can continue to pedal it just like a bicycle even if your battery accidentally ran out of power.

    Can I increase the bike's range?

    • Of course! The DV-X uses a swappable battery system, and has been designed to hold two batteries snugly in its frame. So, if you need extended range we suggest that you get a spare battery together with the purchase of the bike. We do offer a good price for the spare battery. 

    When will the DV-X bike be delivered?

    • Estimated delivery from March 2019. Do remember to sign up for our launch updates to receive latest news on product and events.

     What is the Warranty for the DV-X bike?

    • The bike comes with a 8-months warranty from the date of delivery, against component failures, excluding items exposed to wear and tear, such as brakes, tyres, handle grips and seat. 
    • Other than the electronic components, most of the parts on the bike has been designed to be compatible with off-the-shelves BMX/Mountain bike components for easy-fixes. For more details on component sizes, contact us via the contact form.



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